Chipping Sparrow - Bird Knowledge

Chipping Sparrow - Bird Knowledge
Bird Introduction - Chipping Sparrow:The Chipping Sparrow, with its distinctive rufous cap, is a common New World sparrow found across North America in various habitats.

Basic Info:

- Scientific Name: Spizella passerina
- Lifespan: 4-7 years (average)
- Size: 4.7–5.9 in
- Weight: 0.4–0.6 oz
- Wingspan: 8.3 inches

Distribution and Habitat:

Chipping Sparrows thrive in open woodlands, including forest edges and suburban areas. They adapt well to human-modified landscapes like urban parks and orchards.

In Your Backyard:

These sparrows enjoy black oil sunflower seeds from feeders and can be enticed to nest in shrubs or small trees in your yard.

Breeding Season:

Breeding occurs from March to August, with males arriving first to court their mates. Nests are constructed by females in grassy clearings and fields, consisting of grass, rootlets, and plant fibers. Clutches typically contain 2 to 7 pale eggs with various markings.


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